Nature Coast Graphics and Web Design
Nature Coast Graphics and Web Design
Nature Coast Graphics and Web Design

Web Design

For Business reasons, or personal reasons, a web page can draw customers to your business, or keep your friends updated.

Responsive Web DesignScreen sizes on phones, tablets, and desktops are constantly changing. As a result, its important that that your web site adapts to these changes today, and in the future. This flexibility is achieved by using "responsive " design techniques.

This means your web site "adjusts" to all screen sizes. Responsive designs adapt automatically to screens depending on their size: From cell phones, to tablets of all kinds, and the traditional desktop or laptop computer. In todays connected world the need to present your web site to all types of devices is more important than ever. You don't want to frustrate someone with trying to read a desktop web site on a mobile phone.

The cost of hosting a custom designed web page can cost as less than $10.00 a month. Hosting services allow your web site to be seen and found by all on the web. For business customers the cost could be a few dollars more depending on the desired site services.

A simple one page design can cost as little as $250.00 for a custom designed site. Yes you can design a site using free tools, but you get a cookie cutter site that is not always as flexible as you would like. In addition, in order for the site to be found by search engines, you must use the proper construction and keyword usage.

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